Culture & history

Romania is rich in historical heritage and traditions, with a great variety of sites, as well as authentic customs, that remained unchanged over hundreds of years. Explore the ancient Dacian and Roman sites, or the impressive medieval castles, fortresses and churches. Be surprised by the beauty of the monarchic villas and castles, followed by the massive communist monuments. Contact the concierge desk to build the perfect itinerary together!

Nightlife & entertaiment

Bucharest is the city that never goes to sleep, so if party is what you are looking for, then be surprised by the large variety of night activities. Our concierge clerks know everything that is going on and can assist you in arranging the perfect nigh out!

Wild Romania

Romania has the largest biodiversity in Europe, with 30 nature parks and reserves.  There is a great diversity of outdoor activities, just perfect to explore the wilderness and have fun, accompanied by local experts. As guests of Complex Silva hotel, the access in the national parks and reservations is complementary
. The concierge desk is where you should go to explore the options and make the perfect arrangements.

Equestrian Tourism


Equestrian tourism is a soul journey, through time, because time flows slower while in nature. If you want to find yourself on the back of a horse, in a carriage or in a sleigh, the concierge desk assists you in enjoying this one of a kind experience.

Posada Hunting Museum


We extend the invitation to visit the Posada Hunting Museum with its impressive collection of hunting trophies composed of over 2400 pieces, hunting objects and hunting weapons from throughout human evolution. The concierge desk is at your disposal for information and reservations.

Corporate Events

Corporate events, either big or small, imply many activities in the hotel, but also in the city or the country. The concierge desk offers assistance and suggestions for all arrangements outside the property, being the best option for organizing a most successful event!

Team Buildings

For any company the key to success is dictated by the unity of the team. The concierge desk is where you can be assisted in organizing the most suited group activities, both constructive and fun, no matter the location.


At the concierge desk guest can arrange any type of private transportation. We recommend professional transportation companies that can provide luxury cars, limousines or buses, but also helicopters and private jets.


The concierge services go beyond touristic attractions or events, as the assistance offered is of any nature and provides a solution for any situation: romantic surprises, plans for marriage proposal, a recommendation for a perfect gift, tickets to shows, or buying a tie at midnight. For the concierge the sky is the limit!


Contact us for professional assistance by our Les Clefs d’Or concierge clerks.