Why set up a team building for your team?

The most important aspect for your bussiness are the people in your team!

Nonformal meetings for various teams are not the most important part of your business, but they give your team a sence of cohesion.

Team buildings are good if you want:

  • the chance to improve something in your business
  • improve the performance of your team
  • improve the moral of the team
  • a friendly environment for employee assesment
  • to creatively and surprisingly solve issues within your team

Why do your team building with the help of Complex Silva hotel?

  • Direct access to the most beautiful and breathtaking natural parks and reservations in Romania
  • Priority access to most of the stud farms in Romania
  • Wide variety of services
    • fishing parties on mountain rivers or lakes
    • direct interaction with local communities from various geographical area of Romania
    • trips and various outdoor activities in nature
    • forest oriented activities, city hunting and more

The value of a company is the value of its team!